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Standard Package - Transform Your Sleep Hygiene in Just 7 Days

Standard Package - Transform Your Sleep Hygiene in Just 7 Days

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Are you struggling to get a good night's sleep? Our comprehensive seven-day sleep hygiene program is now available for download, allowing you to improve your sleep on your own time and at your own pace.


What You’ll Get:

  • Seven High-Quality Videos: Each day features a video with practical tips and strategies to enhance your sleep hygiene.

  • Comprehensive PDF Guides: Summarize the key points and provide additional insights, tips, and worksheets.


Day-by-Day Breakdown:

  1. Declutter Your Sleeping Space: Create a serene environment for better sleep.

  2. Digital Detox: Reduce screen time and cultivate a mindful bedtime routine.

  3. Mindful Meditation Practice: Calm your mind for restorative sleep.

  4. Track and Adjust Your Sleep Patterns: Optimize your sleep through tracking.

  5. Eating and Drinking for Sleep: Learn how diet impacts your sleep.

  6. Sleep Aid Tools: Explore tools that enhance your sleep environment.

  7. Making Sleep Hygiene Non-Negotiable: Commit to lasting sleep hygiene habits.

How It Works:

Purchase: Buy our program securely through our website.

Download: Instantly download the videos and PDF guides.

Transform Your Sleep: Follow the daily instructions at your own pace and enjoy better sleep.


Why Choose Our Program?

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from a wellness and sleep hygiene coach with years of experience.

  • Flexibility: Complete the program on your own schedule.

  • Comprehensive Approach: Address all aspects of sleep hygiene for lasting results.

Ready to transform your sleep? Buy Now for $97!

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