Lunch & Learn

Spring Dates Are Now Open!

A 3-Part Mindfulness Series

Mindfulness @ Work

Bring De Jesús to your office and learn how to practice mindfulness at work!

His 3-Part Mindfulness Series can be deliver in person or online. Spring dates are now open!

Individual Mentoring Session with DJ.

Here's what you'll learn

Mindfulness Series

Learn how to identify daily opportunities to practice mindfulness.
Practice simple breathing techniques that will help you declutter your mind.
Discover how to improve your performance through meditation.

About De Jesús Pérez

wellness advocate, coach & mentor

De Jesús went from being a tech King of the live streaming and media industry to becoming a wellness advocate coach & mentor.

De Jesús now lives his life focusing on gratitude, the importance of breathing and recognizing the stressors, the art of Tai Chi and re-calibrating to his God-given purpose and his vision.

He uses meditation as a way to reconnecting to the spirit and he lives his life, finding a way to utilize every single gift he's been given to heal and transform those around him and be an advocate for other PCS thrivers and mentor them into believing in their own self-healing. 

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