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I refused to become a statistic so I made a strong commitment with myself. Two weeks after the injury, despite the statistics that were laid out before me, I used manifestation and mindset techniques to go with my family to my favorite burger. 

Watch the story below.


Meditation has so many wonderful health benefits. I understand that it can be very overwhelming or intimidating in some cases. My suggestion is to explore and to try different meditation styles until you are able to find the one that works for you. Once you do, you'll know. It will feel right, you will feel at peace.


There are many ways to practice Mindfulness. I personally like to mix different styles and techniques that I learned over time from different guides and mentors. 

"BE" rather than just "DO" all the time.

About De Jesús Pérez

wellness advocate, coach & mentor

De Jesús went from being a tech King of the live streaming and media industry to becoming a wellness advocate coach & mentor.

De Jesús now lives his life focusing on gratitude, the importance of breathing and recognizing the stressors, the art of Tai Chi and re-calibrating to his God-given purpose and his vision.

He uses meditation as a way to reconnecting to the spirit and he lives his life, finding a way to utilize every single gift he's been given to heal and transform those around him and be an advocate for other PCS thrivers and mentor them into believing in their own self-healing. 

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